CyclingThe6: An Inspiring 6 Year Bike Tour Across 6 Continents

Cycling Six Continents – The Final Frontiers from Stephen Fabes on Vimeo.

Like most decisions of great consequence my plan to cycle the length of six of the earth’s continents was made in a pub, beer in one hand, mini-atlas in the other. I was 29 years old when I waved goodbye to my family and friends from outside St Thomas’ Hospital in London, where I worked as a medical doctor, and set off on my bicycle. That was in January 2010 – I have been pedaling ever since.

By January 2015, after five years of riding my bicycle around the world, I had racked up over 70,000 km in 57 countries – that’s a distance equivalent to almost twice around the globe or 17 times across the USA, back to back. In my bid to cycle across six continents I have so far managed five – Europe, Africa (via the Middle East), South America, Central and North America, and Australia. I have one more to go – Asia. After failing to score a visa for Pakistan and with no permission to travel through Tibet, I had to take a flight from India, but I went east instead, to  Hong Kong, adding a winter crossing of China and Mongolia to my itinerary. I hope to be back in that London pub some time in early 2016 after six years on the road.

During my ride I visit remote medical clinics, projects and organisations who assist marginalised groups with health problems, and I help promote the global effort to eradicate the Neglected Tropical Diseases. So far I have visited nomads suffering malnutrition and diseases related to poverty in Northeast Kenya, glue addicted street children and patients with leprosy in Nepal, refugees with HIV from Myanmar, slums in Indonesia and Mongolia, communities living in floating homes in Cambodia and patients with mental illness in India.

I have also raised more than 20,000 pounds for the Medical NGO Merlin. The fundraising effort ceased when they merged with another NGO in 2013.

I aim to tell my story in the most engaging way I can – I’m a freelance writer, an ardent though very amateur photographer (video and stills), a progressively less bashful public speaker (and sometimes I even moonlight as a DJ.). A book is in the pipeline.

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