The Rules of Airbnb Sex

AirBnbSex lays out the etiquette of AirBnB sex.


The rules are different you don’t have the whole place to yourself. Though I can personally get squeamish about my privacy, I know there are lots of other people out there who view it simply as another place to do whatever they please. I think it’s pretty important to keep in mind you’re staying at someone else’s home—not a hostel or hotel—and adhere to those considerations in mind. Treat them with same consideration that you would a roommate. In other cases, abstaining (we’re all adults and can control our urges, no?) or keeping the noise level down and stripping the sheets later is the least that you can do. That’s assuming you’ve got a private room and not sleeping in some type of—god forbid—shared room.

Though Airbnb is fundamentally a business transaction, in almost all of my experiences, the experience is quite different than staying at a hotel. In exchange for some extra savings, you’re staying at someone’s house and recognizing this is where the host lives, entertains and escapes from their hectic daily life in their spare time. In other words, this is someone else’s home. It’s wildly different from a bunch of twenty-somethings going at it in a hostel dorm. In fact, there’s a variety of reasons on why I prefer established businesses to Airbnb – this is something else I wouldn’t want to be worrying about. These expectations are set before you even walk through the front door.

That said, there do seem to be a fair share of people who seem to really want to use Airbnb as a place to perform tantric sex or bring someone back after a kinky night out. I have no words for you guys.

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